Forefront of Knowledge

Our courses have fixed teachers and invited teachers. Each year, we try to differentiate these invited teachers so as to seek valid techniques and opinions for our method

IPO:PALMIERI Instructors

  • João Palmieri

    Certificate in Implant Dentistry, MS in Prosthodontics, Certificate in Oral Rehabilitation

  • Lucia Lima

    Graduated in 1997 from FOPLAC/Brasília-DF. Master and Specialist in Prothesis by SLMandic/Campinas. Esthetic Update in 2015 - dentistry team.

  • Elton Dias

    Physiotherapist and Surgeon-dentist. Specialist in Dentistry, Implant, Periodontics, TMD / DOF. Doctorate in Dental Medicine (Portugal)

  • Raissa Antunes

    Graduated in Dentistry at the UnB. Specialist in Restorative Dentistry at ABO-GO. Master in Health Sciences (Dental Materials) from the UnB.

  • Rogério Ribeiro

    Graduated in 1996 from the University of Alfenas. Specialist in Prosthesis, Periodontics and Dentistry

  • Pâmela Ribas

    Postdoctoral visiting researcher - Craniofacial Development & Stem Cell Biology - King's College London DDS, MsC, PhD - Implant Dentistry - UFSC Spe