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Our dentists have mastered several techniques, all aiming to improve your health, comfort and also the beauty of your smile

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    Occlusal Plastic

    The reorganization of dental contact with minimally invasive techniques to restore the balance of the masticatory system is the main feature of Occlusal Plastic Surgery

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    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry uses features such as contact lenses and porcelain veneers to build beautiful smiles

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    The tooth whitening can be done “in-office” or “at-home”. The method chosen varies by case

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    Osseointegrated implants represent a revolution in dentistry, with or without bone grafts, the implants allow the recovery of chewing and smiling

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    Oral rehabilitation

    The rehabilitation of the function and the smile esthetics are the major goals of our institute

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    From a toothache relief to tooth fractures or loose crowns, we have an emergency service