An immersive course about composite resins

May 23rd to January 25th, 2019


Theoretical-practical course on composite resins with Professor Tiago Veras

  • Workload

    30 hours
  • Location

    Centro Empresarial Liberty Mall, Torre B, Sala 928, Asa Norte, Brasília, Distrito Federal
  • Number of participants

    16 students
  • Cost

    R$ 2.750,00 (A R$ 950,00 enrolment fee + two R$ 900,00 installments by bank transfer


  • Basic principles in aesthetic dentistry
  • Anterior and posterior anatomy
  • Planning and basic principles in posterior tooth restorations
  • Demonstration of stratification in class I cavities
  • Practice in mannequins of direct restorations in composite resin for posterior teeth
  • Planning and stratification of direct facets in composite resin
  • Direct facets in resin composed of anterior teeth.
  • Restoration of young and elder patients