Occlusal Plastic Course

Diagnosis and Occlusal Rehabilitation Project

in 3 modules:

- 20th to February 23rd, 2019

- 20th to March 23rd, 2019

- 24th to April 27th, 2019


CE course for dentists offered in 96 hours of theoretical training, laboratory and clinical practice. A course focused on DIAGNOSIMG AND PLANNING THE OCLUSAL REHABILITATION.

It covers the teaching and training of dento-neuro-myo occlusal rehabilitation technology. It is the technique and logic of the specialty being exposed, explained, debated and, mainly, assimilated. It allows students to see dental occlusion as the basic science of dentistry. To understand why dental losses, localized bone loss, fractures and pathological tooth detrition, joint problems of occlusal origin and other consequences of the overuse of this biomechanical system occur.

It is the analysis of this system that allows us to propose our method: plastic occlusal rehabilitation. A reversible, modifiable and repairable occlusal rehabilitation.

During three modulus of 32 hours, the student will master the use of the semi-adjustable articulator in an unprecedented way. The student will learn and have a proper training on how to use the Jig&Pua device, which allows graphic records of mandibular movements in the horizontal plane and then transfer it to the articulator. The student will reconstruct discs and capsules of the temporomandibular joint, as well as the muscles involved in the occlusal activity, using fake skull that faithfully reproduces the natural one. The students will reconstruct the occlusion of a high-grade bruxism patient in wax, and will make a mouthguard quickly and efficiently. The highlight of the course is that you will have the opportunity to perform an occlusal plastic on a mannequin.

The theoretical content is based on the rehabilitating tripod of the mutually shared occlusion of Dr. Anibal Alonso: shape and size; Planes, lines and reference points and the location of the terminal axis of rotation of the mandible. We added to this tripod a fourth axis: the evaluation of the expected occlusal load. And guiding this axis, we have the definition of James Lytle’s occlusal disease. They will guide us further, articles that were revolutionary for the study of human dental occlusion. From the pioneering works of Dr. Angelo D Amico in biomechanics and of Dr. Ricketts in electromyography, through the research of Dr. Ulf Posselt to the modern gnathology advocated by Dr. Arn Lauritzen, Dr. Peter Dawson, Dr. Irwin Becker and Dr. Anibal Alonso. Every basic training phase will take place over 3 modulus of 32 hours each.

At the end of this first course, the student will be familiar with the idea of Occlusal Rehabilitation Project and will be able to the clinical training of Plastic Oclusal Rehabilitation.

  • Workload

    3 modules per month with 32 hours each
  • Location

    Centro Empresarial Liberty Mall, Torre B, Sala 928, Asa Norte, Brasília, Distrito Federal
  • Number of participants

    16 stutents per course
  • Cost

    The total cost of the course will be R$ 11.500,00 (R$ 2.500,00 plus 5 x R$ 1.800,00)