Occlusal Plastic (Class D)

Diagnosis and Occlusal Rehabilitation Project

in 3 modules:

- 09th to October 12nd, 2019

- 06th to November 09th, 2019

- 04th to December 07th, 2019


Postgraduate course for dentists in 96 hours of theoretical training, laboratory and clinical practice, focused on DIAGNOSIS AND THE PROJECT OF OCLUSAL REHABILITATION.

The program covers the teaching and training of dento-neuro-myo-occlusal rehabilitation technology. It is a technique and logic of the specialty being exposed, explained, debated and assimilated. It allows students to check if there is a disease as the basic science of dentistry. Understand dental losses, bone loss, fractures and pathological tooth wear, joint problems and other consequences of the overuse of this biomechanical system.

The student will be able to master the use of the semi-adjustable articulator in an unprecedented way by learning and training the use of the Jig & Pua device, which allows the inclusion of graphic records in mandibular devices without a horizontal plane and its download to the articulator. Reconstitute discs and capsules of the temporomandibular joint, and also a musculature involved in occlusal activity, using mannequins faithful to the natural skull. The reconstruction in a classroom of witchcraft with high degree of wear and still, an interocclusal plaque quickly and efficiently. And to crown learning, you have an opportunity to perform a plastic occlusion on a mannequin.
Every basic periodic training phase along 3 monthly modules with 32 hours each.

This is the first of the course of the idea is not in the development of Plastic Occlusal Rehabilitation.

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  • Workload

    32 hours per class module
  • Location

    Centro Empresarial Liberty Mall, Torre B, Sala 928, Asa Norte, Brasília, Distrito Federal
  • Number of participants

    16 students
  • Cost

    R$ 12.500,00 (R$ 2.500,00 plus 5 x R$ 2.000,00