II Semi-Adjustable Articulator Workshop

Theoretical-practical workshop that includes the use of the Semi-Adjustable Articulator (ASA) and its respective facial arch

25th to July 27th, 2019


In this workshop, we’ll to show our students how to use the ASA and the respective facial arch and train them to do so.
The course has a theoretical, practical and demonstrative approach.

  • Workload

    20 hours
  • Location

    IPO PALMIERI - SCN Ed. Liberty Mall - Torre B - salas 221 a 228 - Asa Norte - Brasília - Distrito Federal
  • Number of participants

  • Cost

    R$ 3.000,00

Target Public

Aimed at Dentists, Students and Technicians


The semi-adjustable articulator (ASA) is a simple yet very important tool for diagnosis, planning and execution of an oral rehabilitation. However, the imprecise use and confusion surrounding the clinical application of this powerful instrument led to its abandonment and devaluation by both dentists and dental technicians.


  • The system and occlusal disease
  • Semi-adjustable and fixed value articulators
  • Standard and special facial arch
  • Sculpting and plaster model techniques
  • Cranio-maxillary registration techniques
  • Practical Concepts of Central Relation
  • Making Anterior Spacers (Lucia's JIG)
  • Occlusal registration materials
  • Maxillo-mandibular registration techniques
  • Assembly of maxillary and mandibular model
  • Incisal pin adjustment
  • Acrylic pattern table and adjustable table
  • Interpretation of results
  • How to identify a proper setup
  • Occlusal Diagnosis
  • Occlusal plates and their uses
  • Oral Rehabilitation Planning
  • Conventional and digital occlusal waxing
  • Oral Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Occlusal Plastic
  • PlastiCADCAM